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Charles Laurita EP


[ mis-Chif ] noun - (collective) A group or pack of rats.

Charles Laurita & The Mischief is the influential next step in absolute musical definition. Hailing from Hamilton, New Jersey, the 6-piece all original powerhouse, once described as “the love child of Black Sabbath and James Brown,” sports their very own brand of music, aptly titled, “Alternafunk.” With a tight horn section and heavy dance grooves, as well as their solid basslines and memorable melodic styles, The Mischief breaks down the barriers of genre and offers something to music lovers of every walk of life.


Charles Laurita is a Musician Hailing from Hamilton, New Jersey

At a very young age he took interest in music, being inspired by many of the artists he heard on the radio at the time, as well as listening to his family members who played the guitar. Charles decided to take up playing music in elementary school when he was eight years old, starting with the violin. After four years of playing the violin, he decided to begin playing the guitar, which would become his main instrument.

In middle school and high school, Charles played guitar and bass in the school bands. He also experimented with music by creating and gigging out with bands consisting of his friends and family members. By playing with various different people, he was able to expand his taste in music taking interest in Rock, Blues, Funk, Motown, Classical, Bluegrass, and more. The many genres that Charles listened to helped him mold his own style of playing, and it has helped him create some very interesting versions of popular songs.

In addition to the guitar, Charles also plays a variety of different instruments, of which his second favorite to play is the bass (both electric and upright). He also plays the drums, piano, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer, and various types of percussion instruments. Charles also enjoys arranging and writing music for various instruments, and he has done so for many different artists, including his own band. He has also done a lot of work as a studio session musician, performing on many different albums and songs. Charles and his band also enjoy dedicating their time and music to many various charity organizations.

Besides music, Charles is very interested in art, animals, videography and film. He is a skateboarding enthusiast, an avid Marvel Comics fan, and a lover of all things Nintendo. He also has a very large collection of Vans shoes, of which he is very proud.

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